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Teaching The Will-To-Be Excellent

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  • Re-Opening of Schools: September 2020

     As we look ahead to September, we see the big picture: the continuing rise in cases across the country; current guidance from City, State, and Federal health authorities; and the knowledge that as the trajectory of the virus continues to evolve, the guidance we must follow will also evolve. When it does, we have to be ready, and prepared to adapt. 

    Taken together, this picture demands we begin the 2020-21 school year in an unprecedented way—including new health protocols, physical distancing, and more. Make no mistake: New York City students will still be learning 5 days a week. A major difference is that we are preparing to deliver their education through a blended learning model. Blended learning means students will be taught on-site in school for part of the week, and will attend school remotely on the other days of the week.

     Any family can also choose all-remote learning, for any reason. But we know that the majority of families want as much in-person instruction as is safely possible, and we will work to maximize it at every turn, consistent with health and safety requirements. 

    Please take a moment to fill out the learning preference survey to let us know if you want all-remote learning for your child.

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Mission Statement

  •     IS 162 The Willoughby School   
    Teaching the Will-to-Be Excellent

    The mission of IS 162 is to prepare students through rigorous and relevant content to be a productive and contributing member of the 21st century. Through our collaborative and student-centered culture, students are provided with the knowledge and application of current technology to prepare them for tomorrow’s world.
    We are “Teaching the Will-to-Be Excellent”. 

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    The DOE has created student accounts for every single New York City public school student.

    The account gives your student access to TeachHub, which is how students access:

    iLearnNYC, the Summer School 2020 online learning platform 
    Student report cards (available in the Student Documents icon)
    Multiple educational applications
    G Suite, Microsoft O365, and Zoom (using secure central accounts)

    To retrieve your account ID and password:

    1. Go to Student Account Self Service(Open external link)
    2. Enter your 9-digit Student ID (OSIS) number. (You can find your Student ID number on a report card, your student ID card, or in your NYCSA account.)
    3. Enter your birthday.
    4. Click Continue.
    5. If the information you enter matches your student record, your username will be displayed. 
    6. Your student ID is your username followed by For example, if your username is JaneD, your student account ID is
    7. If you haven't already set up a password, you will be asked to set one up.
    8. Pick a password that only you will know.
    9. Re-enter your password.
    10. Click Update Password.


    Summer reading is so important to keep learning going and to let imaginations run free! We are thrilled to make more e-books and audiobooks for all ages available for free this summer to all DOE families, and it’s easier than ever to access them.


    Students can read eBooks and listen to audiobooks through the DOE using the eBook reader, Sora. Sora is available to all New York City public school students. You just need your DOE account name and password

    The Sora app is available on DOE-issued iPads and can also be downloaded to any internet-enabled device. You can also also access Sora in a web browser.

    On Your Device

    1. Download the free Sora app for iOS(Open external link) or Android(Open external link)
    2. Tap “I have a setup code”
    3. Type: NYCSCHOOLS
    4. Tap the “Sign in using New York City Department of Education” button
    5. Enter your DOE account ID and password (your account)

    In Your Browser

    1. Go to the DOE Sora website (Open external link)
    2. Click the “Sign in using New York City Department of Education” button
    3. Enter your DOE account ID and password (your account)

  • Virtual Field Trips

    This summer choose from more than 100 free virtual field trips to visit extraordinary people and places, remarkable events in history, and fascinating topics!

    From animals to aerospace, NYC’s water supply to national parks, honeybees to hip-hop, presidential campaign ads to the Pacific garbage patch, explore the streets of New York and beyond. Dive deeper into movements of change and the inspiring individuals who led the way. Discover your passion and feed your curiosity. Check out the selection for your grade band and take a virtual field trip (or a few)!

    To take a field trip, you must sign in to the links below with your DOE student account (your '' account). If you're DOE staff, sign in with your DOE credentials (your '' account).

    If you have trouble signing in, make sure you are signed out of your personal Google account. For more help on switching between online accounts, watch this video(Open external link).

    Grades 6-8 Virtual Field Trips: Students(Open external link)