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  • Instructional Leadership Framework 

    The Instructional Leadership Framework is the DOE’s broader strategy for every school to accelerate learning and instruction for every student, built on the foundation of developing students’ Advanced Literacies and ensuring Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education.



  • Through the Instructional Leadership Framework, we focus on: 

    Strengthening core instruction: Led by the ILT, schools will implement clear protocols for rigorous learning in every subject area and ensure that it reaches every learner. The focus will be on strengthening core instruction, and using academic interventions only when appropriate, particularly for Multilingual Learners and students with disabilities. Strengthening core instruction means ensuring that all children have instruction that gives them access to read and discuss complex texts, use academic discourse, develop skills to use writing as a tool for deconstructing and expressing ideas, as well as developing vocabulary skills as a tool for students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the world.

    Knowing every student well: ILTs will sharpen and deepen the ways that they incorporate student data into instructional design and professional learning for teachers. The right data helps schools better understand their students (what students know on content, levels of mastery and proficiency of skills, and their interests, identities, and personal experiences) and how they learn best. In the process, ILTs will use a variety of types of assessment to analyze, understand, and respond to disproportionate outcomes. For many schools, the ILT process related to assessment and data on students will result in less instructional time spent on administering assessments, and more leadership time spent designing effective instruction.

    Using a shared and inclusive curriculum: ILTs will encourage the use of a shared curriculum within schools across teachers and grades. This approach keeps students focused on learning skills and knowledge, and ensures consistent learning opportunities for all students aligned to New York State Standards. ILTs will also encourage the use of inclusive, culturally responsive-sustaining curriculum – which will be supported by the new efforts announced today.