• Social-Emotional Learning Action Plan
    Return to School 2020

    Overall Goal: Through an intentional focus on social, emotional learning, IS 162 will create a positive learning environment where students, families, and  staff, feel connected, respected, and included. 

    Objective 1: Students feel connected to, welcomed, and included in the school community through respect and a shared understanding of emotional literacy. Staff feel reconnected to the school community and colleagues through respect and a shared understanding of schoolwide emotional literacy and SEL instructional goals.

    SMART Objective: By October 2020,  collaborative strategies and structures will take place on a regular schedule.

    Objective 2: To integrate social and emotional learning into all activities, working relationships and interactions, all teaching and learning experiences and in its engagement with its families and community. 

    SMART Objective:   By May 2021,  staff and other members of the community will know about and be able to identify IS 162’s approach to SEL. By May 2021, students and staff who experience the SEL strategies will report improved learning environments.