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    Teaching the Will-to-Be Excellent

    At IS 162 our purpose is to “Teach the Will to be Excellent” by employing our students’ minds to explore and question the world around them in innovative ways. In our blended learning classrooms students learn the skills to make sense of the world around them to collaborate, communicate and create beyond the four walls of the traditional classroom.  As empowered critical thinkers students have a newfound confidence that they can DO and BE anything they want. Through the use of various blended learning approaches, students are exposed to skills that allow them to explore continuously about their surroundings and encourage them to become confident future leaders with a voice and mind of their own. Learning is innovative, impactful and intrinsically meaningful to our students as they engage in cross-curricular thematic units with a focus on social justice issues and environmental studies.

    Innovative and explorative teaching models offer both students and teachers the flexibility and support necessary to thrive. We build on our station learning model which enables the teacher and their students to work together, engage in discussions, and provide useful feedback to one another. This collaboration and communication leads to greater academic improvement and meaningful engagement. Students have on-demand access to digital devices and information that changes the way instructional materials are delivered and used in the classroom with our current station model. Through data driven instruction, both teachers and students  have access to individualized learning that is specific to their needs. Students learn at their own pace and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in ways that best fit their individual learning styles.  Building upon current initiatives already in place, Computer Science for All and Algebra for All, will better support students because the pace of the learning is tailored to match individual needs.

    IS 162 believes in supporting the whole child’s development. Student empowerment comes from self-directed learning where students enjoy the process and see the personal significance of each experience. The blended learning approach to teaching and professional development allows for the school community to engage in consistent collaboration with ongoing communication. Our existing community partnerships continue to support our students with STEM exploration but with improved access to the necessary tools. To ensure that we are educating the whole child, we provide all of our students with experiences that are engaging and relevant. Through the use of online platforms, students explore curriculum to engage in daily activities that teach them to be critical thinkers and innovative problem solvers in the 21st century.




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