• ALL ABOUT IS 162 - The Willoughby School
    Teaching the Will-to-Be Excellent


    IS 162 – The Willoughby School is committed to preparing students with the necessary skills needed to be a productive and contributing
    member of its community. IS 162 fosters a caring and safe learning environment where all members accept the responsibility of preparing our students for continued achievement. Through its collaborative student centered culture, students are provided with the opportunities to succeed and
    celebrate every success.

    IS 162 is a middle school located in the primarily low income area of Bushwick, Brooklyn. Down from a register of almost a thousand students ten years ago, IS 162 now serves about 340 sixth through eighth grade students. The area that surrounds the school is undergoing a change in demographics, seeing an influx of young, single artists and other professionals. Our students are 88% Hispanic, 8% African American, with the remainder being Asian, Caucasian and other ethnicities.


    At IS 162, everyone works toward the shared goal of improving student outcomes and preparing our students for success in school and beyond. Across our school community, school staff, administrators, parents and students work together to create a supportive school environment where students feel safe, supported and challenged. 

    Instruction is customized, inclusive, motivating and aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards. High standards are set in every classroom. Students are actively engaged in ambitious intellectual activity and are developing critical thinking skills. Our courses include:

    • CCLS - ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Health, Visual Arts, & Physical Education
    • Computer Coding - codesters.com
    • College & Career Readiness - Creative Connections
    • Social/Emotional Literacy - Yale Center For Emotional Intelligence and Brainpower
    • I-Ready - Academic Core Enricment in ELA and Math
    • STEM & Computer Science - O-Search, Coding, STEM Pilot, Scratch Coding


    To increase student interest and feeling of belonging to our school community students participate in numerous after school clubs. Some of our clubs include:

    Robotics Club, Coding Club, Gaming Club, Graphic Arts Club, Yearbook Club, Cooking Club, Breakfast Club, CHAMPS Club, Science Club, Chorus Club, Leadership Club, DIY (crafts) Club, Book Club, Gardening Club, English Language Learners Club,  Dance Club, Yoga Club, Musical Theater Club, Homework Help – NY Edge


    Teaching the Will-to-be Excellent