• Uniform Policy

    For the 2020-2021 school year, families will not be asked to purchase uniforms. All students participating in hybrid learning will be provided 2 uniforms free of charge.


    IS 162 – The Willoughby School is a uniform school. All students are required to wear the appropriate uniform. We are asking for your support as we strive to continue to provide increased safety. We strongly encourage your participation in our uniform policy. We believe it encourages our students to experience a greater sense of school identity and belonging, an improvement in student behavior, a high level of program participation and to improve and expand on academic excellence as well as reducing school clothing costs,

    The uniform will comprise of a school shirt only. All students must attend school each day in the school uniform Students may not wear other articles of clothing (such as a hoodie sweatshirt) over their school uniform. The school uniform must be the outer most layer of clothing. Uniforms may be purchased at the school.

    Students that are not in their required school uniform will be given a loaner uniform shirt for the day. Students are required to return the loaner uniform at the end of the day.

    If a parent cannot afford the school uniform, the parent may request a meeting with the principal for other arrangements to be made.